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  • I previously ordered for the pills online back on the 23rd January. They arrived within a week's span. I read the instructions and took a pill of Mifepristone (200 mg) around 6 pm after work on 2nd February. Nothing unusual occurred, however, I was feeling a bit weak. The next day, the same time I took four pills of Misoprostol (200 mg each) orally. I did it by placing them under my tongue and waited over thirty minutes. It slowly dissolved and got my mouth a bit numb; the effectiveness started showing with 30 minutes. Stomach cramps with bleeding started and I kept wanting to sit down on the toilet bowl. I noticed clusters and clumps of tissues passing along with the blood. I guess that is the sign of the medication's effect. I am looking forward to a sonography test, to confirm the aborting. This website is remarkable; they provided quite an adequate description and shipping service contradict to other online shopping sites.