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Terms & Conditions

Every client planning or are in the process of conducting business with us are requested to read the Terms & Conditions of Understanding them is mandatory because later if any disagreement occur both parties should be held reliable. The patent laws protect the logos and texts displayed on our website. Only after reading our terms and conditions should one conduct business with us.

  • We are an authorized distributor of drugs, not manufacturers.
  • Our clientele is above the age of 18; we disapprove of clients below due to various reason.
  • Drugs distributed by us have gone through thorough scrutinization by the FDA, therefore, confirming it safe for use.
  • Information or the description provided on our website is of a mere example, do not intend to copy them without proper consultation with a doctor.
  • Clients facing ill effects are utilizing the medication should get a hold of a physician at the earliest note possible.
  • We have periodic updates, so we urge clients to get back to us to see if anything fits their interest.
  • Please don't imitate or follow the prescribed doses brought up by us, they may be incorrect depending upon every different situation you are facing. Xxx isn't accountable for any after-effects of the medications.